Friday, May 6, 2011


Remember when you were little and playing tag with your friends? You could play for hours on end outside and keep your stamina going. Running until you could hardly breath was fun and exciting. Maybe its because right before you knew you were about to get caught, or fall down, or pass out you could call a time out. You could stop, put your hands on your knees and catch your breath. It also gave you moment to strategize especially when the 'it' was standing next to you. The whole key to yelling time out was that, for whatever reason, it was honored by all kids everywhere. It was a universal rule that if someone yelled it, you had to stop or you'd be in the wrong. Lately when Cruz is repeatedly screaming mama at the top of his lungs for 20 minutes straight and my head feels like the steaming tea pot about to blow. I wish I could throw my hands to the T position and call a time out to catch my breath. If only they could already understand this simple principle. I could strategize my next plan and stop myself before losing my cool. I am sure it would improve my endurance and stamina with them. I would be able to go on a little longer before daddy gets home. Neither one seem to grasp the concept when I tell them to be quiet or put my finger to my lips. For now in my head I pray to Jesus to give me strength in that moment. I think this is going to be one of my goals to work towards, figuring out how to get them to stop screaming and let mommy have a 30 second time out. Who knows it could spark even a game of tag with them chasing me!

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  1. Love it and SO true. I put myself on mommy time outs at least once a day. Love Linds