Friday, February 3, 2012


My next planned post was to go into detail regarding some issues we've had lately with Cruz. That topic is getting tabled a little longer due to the high demand request on facebook to talk about juicing. One simple statement led to multiple messages and a few requests on the blog, so here goes. Juicing is changing my life. Literally. My mantra for 2011 was "Happy and Healthy". I really strived in everything I did to allow this mantra to affect my decision making. After the two babies back to back with c-sections, the fibromyalgia, all of Cruz's issues I decided to get serious about getting to the bottom of my health issues. I started seeing a naturopathic who started me on this journey to a new me. Most of you already know this, but we went gluten free a year ago. I got a membership to the gym and hit the gym 3 days a week without fail (unless a kid was sick). I just kept chipping away slowly and surely. My ultimate goal wasn't to lose weight, but I am thankful that I have. I wanted to be stronger, better, faster and have more energy. My sister started juicing at Christmas, got some books and got super into it. I thought, 'that is so gross I just don't think I can take it that far'. The thought of drinking liquid broccoli made me sick to think about. She just kept telling me how great she felt and went on and on. So I decided to try it out. Thankfully, my mother loaned me her juicer from like ten years ago to be sure I liked it before I bought one. Now she'd have to pry it out of my hands to get it back. I went to the store and got a ton of produce and made my first juice for dinner while Jason was gone one evening. I didn't love it but I could tolerate it. It was a little earthy and a little tart. I thought, well, I'll try it for breakfast again and just see. No lie, by that afternoon I realized I had way more energy than normal and I felt really good. Within 24 hours I seriously felt like a new person. That was three weeks ago an I've juiced at least twice a day since then for breakfast and lunch. I can't really explain how I feel other than my body recognizes that THIS is how its supposed to feel. I definitely have more energy. My joint and muscle pain seems to be less and I have lost some weight. My main reason to initially take the jump was because I wanted to see if Cruz would drink it. I know he is low on nutrients, he hates to eat, and he loves to drink liquids. Classic mistake on my part, I had him try the very first one I made which was a little on the bitter side. Now when I offer some to him he immediately refuses. He does however like to watch me push the veggies in and see the colorful juice squirt out the side. I will have to start back with just fruit and slowly get him to try it again. Now I have kale, spinach, broccoli, celery, cucumber, and pear once a day and for the other I usually do carrot, cabbage, bok choy, leeks, and apple. When I am running low on produce I use whatever is in the fridge. I have juiced asparagus, green beans, beets, swiss chard, you name it. Carrots, beets, apples, and pears sweeten everything. The cucumber and celery are very mild and a good filler to mix with some of the others that have a stronger flavor. I try to do as many different items a day as I can to try to get as many different nutrients and vitamins that I can. I felt bad throwing out all the pulp and so I've been saving a little bit and adding it into other recipes. I even made a breakfast muffin with some of the pulp, following a carrot/pumpkin recipe from a gluten free cookbook. So, there you go. I highly highly encourage it. I didn't think I would be able to do it. I get low blood sugar, I get hungry and cranky... but honestly, I've never felt as good as I do now. In fact I rarely need coffee anymore, which some of you know means a lot! Some of you guys had emailed me about restricting other foods. Like I said, I am doing it for the benefit, not to lose weight. So if I am hungry or want a snack I will have a high protein snack. We are still gluten free and Cruz and I are dairy free. So, for a snack I might have some organic chicken, gluten free protein bar or crackers. It just depends. I have also sometimes made an additional protein shake right before I start teaching class at 3 because I sometimes teach straight until 7 without a break. I am by no means an expert on any of this. These are just my experiences that I am sharing with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, or recipe ideas. So, empty out your veggie tray, juice it, raise your glass and Cheers to a better healthier you.


  1. My son has had tons of belly ache issues and we have considered gluten free. Any tips, cookbooks, websites that you can share? I looked it up and it seems so strict....:( any insight?

  2. Kandice. It seems very daunting and overwhelming when you are considering a switch. After seeing my naturopathic and realizing I was the one with the issues and that it would help Cruz we decided to jump in. I've never been good at restricting things, but I've had stomach issues my whole life and I was fed up. So, I literally dumped my entire pantry and gave it to charity. Fortunately, now there are so many substitutes and alternatives for things that had gluten. You can literally find a gluten free substitute for almost anything processed. It is hiding in random things, like sauces and such. So you really do best to get rid of it all and cleanse for a while and then you can slowly add things back in later on and see if it does affect him. In Springfield, Mama Jeans has a ton of options and even Price Cutter has started carrying a lot more. If you go to mama jeans, there is a green bar underneath any item that is gluten free which makes it super easy. Since Jason doesn't have to be gf he can eat whatever he wants for lunch outside of the house. But in the house there is no gluten. Its too hard to monitor otherwise. He can't even taste the difference in the pastas, chips, etc. Cookies are a little trickier, but you adapt. Just remember no flour or wheat. So instead of flour tortillas, buy corn. Or instead of serving a meal with bread, serve rice. Rice and corn are usually the starch substitutes in most recipes. If you can get back to clean eating and shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, you'll do fine. There are lots of books and websites with tips. I don't have time for recipes right now so I make the things I normally make and use substitutes when I need to. So instead of thinking about never having pasta, I just buy gluten free pasta and we can have it whenever we want. I am rambling now. But I'm happy to help. Let me know. One year ago I was in the same boat. It seemed very overwhelming but once you try it, it becomes more natural. If it helps your son at all, then its worth it!

  3. Oh Lindsey! Ryan watched a documentary about juicing a few weeks ago and is ALL about it!!! (But you wanna know what his concern is? If he starts juicing, he's afraid he'll lose weight. Geez, those Wades;) ) Anyway, I've been considering it for sure - with these 5 small children I have, I run a little low on the energy it takes to keep up with them;) After reading your testimonial about it, I think I'm definitely going to give it a go. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and experience thus far... I'm sure the last thing you have time for right now is to blog:)... But I guess that's where the juice comes in, eh?

    ~ Missy Wade