Thursday, May 12, 2011

keeping the pace

Lately we've been enjoying the evenings together as a family. Jason built this giant swing set that was a gracious gift from my father. The kids love it and we are able to incorporate it into Cruz's therapy as he craves the movement. Wren lately has been really letting her personality start to show. She tries to stay toe to toe with whatever her brother is doing. Last night we were dying laughing at her. She is really flexible and kept trying to climb the ladder by just placing her foot at the top. I kept having to come behind and lift her up. She just could not understand why she couldn't just take one step and reach the top. As I kept looking at her picture today and laughing I couldn't help but see the parallel with Cruz. We want so badly to take one step and reach the next level, the next advancement. Just like Wren, it can seem daunting to have to do each individual step. Our steps are specific therapies that work on just getting his lips to touch when we ask, or just get his mouth to make a circle shape so that he can say 'oh', or telling him to 'use his smiley face' to try to get and 'ee' sound. (which is hilarious to watch) But, just like Wren, the only way to really get to the next level is by taking each step one at a time. We have to pace ourselves and not get overwhelmed looking ahead. We have to pace ourselves and not rush through the process and tire out. Some days that's easier than others. But it is nice to know that we have our family and friends standing behind us just in case we need that extra boost to get up one more step.

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  1. The wisdom we learn from our children is priceless. Thank you for sharing! Your kids are amazing! Love you Linds.