Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Zoo

On Wren's actual birthday we went to the zoo. It was on a Friday and Friday's are the hardest day of the week. There's no bus ride, no school, no work, no babysitter, just mommy, Cruz, and Wren. The kids take out any reserved frustration from the entire week on mommy on that day. So I took a daring chance and loaded them both up and we went to the zoo ourselves along with the constant reminding threat that if they don't listen we will go straight home. The air was slightly chilly and invigorating, which made the animals more active and pushing the double stroller up hill less daunting. There was hardly any visitors there which was incredibly peaceful the only sounds heard were of the animals, or my children who often stuttered their way through naming the animals and singing songs. Cruz did his best to listen to me. He insisted on walking instead of riding, which was initially scary. He tends to run off and climb things and I just foresaw having to get zoo keepers to rescue him from the hippo exhibit. He did very well and walked almost the entire trip. Wren of course loved having a such a wide stroller that she laid down, crossed her ankles and folded her hands behind her head. The queen was pushed all around and only left her throne at each animals exhibit and quickly jumped back in to whisked to the next stop. Even when it was only a few yards away she made sure to buckle her strap around herself. It was our first zoo trip in probably 8 months or longer and it was so fun to see the kids recognize animals and their names. They loved feeding the giraffes, whose tongues where literally like 15 inches long. 

 The animals were very playful today and we were treated to a private show between the bears. Upon arrival, we couldn't find them until we heard a snap up above our heads. They stayed up there for like 20 minutes playing. It was incredible. 
 My sensory seekers left with their cups full. Lots of physical activity, lots sights, smells, and sounds. Lots of touching, we fed all the animals in the petting zoo. Lots of climbing as we played on the playground. It felt like a successful day trip... surely they will take naps today.... nope. Hard as I tried back and forth between rooms to keep them in their beds, after a couple of hours of trying I called off the war and let them run around outside. Surely after another hour or two they'll be able to take a nap.... surely not. 
Still, they got their fill and our usual 'Friday Failday' actually seemed like 'Friday Funday'. We still had some meltdowns but I am realizing that Cruz needs extra extra extra sensory input. I need to plan things on Fridays that will stimulate him. That's why when we are out in public people don't seem to notice that there is anything different as he seems content. However, leave him at home for more than an hour and he will literally climb up the walls and scream and have angry fits. Much like the monkeys we saw caged up at the zoo. Perhaps Fridays will become zoo days so I can get my monkeys out of our cage and let them explore.

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