Friday, March 9, 2012


Two years ago at exactly this time, Wren Frances was born. When I found out I was pregnant with Wren, I cried. Not sweet loving tears of joy for another little bundle from heaven. I cried because I was terrified. Cruz was not quite 6 months old and wasn't sleeping through the night, wasn't gaining weight, cried all the time and I was still breastfeeding. I didn't know how I was going to handle two babies. It wasn't planned and we knew we would just have to pray for the Lord's help. My pregnancy was fairly smooth up until delivery day. The surgery was scheduled for March 9th and we arrived at the hospital bright and early. It was such a nice change this time being able to schedule for people to watch Cruz and actually be showered and prepared ahead of time. I was absolutely terrified about the surgery since Cruz's had been an emergency c-section. It had been a nightmare experience and I had nine months this time around knowing what was ahead of me. I spoke with the very kind anesthesiologist about all of my concerns. He assured me all would be different this time around as it wasn't an emergency, different drugs would be used, etc... long story short...
True to her character, and not letting her brother out do her, she made a very dramatic first appearance by stopping her heart monitor and requiring an emergency c-section that scared everyone half to death, mostly mommy since daddy wasn't even in the room yet! 

 Wren had tons of black hair and the biggest cheeks you've ever seen on a new born!

 Cruzie loved her.

 She was an easy baby compared to Cruz. She didn't mind wearing clothes. She loved to sit in her swing. She like to eat, and at 3 weeks old began sleeping through the night. Cruz still doesn't even sleep through the night to this day!

 It was hard to convince him to be soft with her, especially with his proprioception issues.
 She had the funniest hair that stood straight up til about 8 months. Everyone thought we styled it, but that's just the way it was!

 By year one she was going toe-to-toe with her brother. Anything he did, she had to do too.
Everyone started asking if they were twins, especially since they were same size. She has been a performer from the get go, full of personality, and charisma. Girlfriend loves to talk, loves to dress up, loves to sing and dance, and will try to out do her brother at every single thing. She makes us laugh every single day. Despite her flare for dramatics, she's actually pretty easy going and is always up for anything. Which makes her the perfect playmate for Cruz. She isn't threatened by any of his behaviors and she's willing to play in whatever capacity he wants to. I think the good Lord knew that we needed Wren. The last 2 years were so difficult with Cruz, knowing myself, I wouldn't have planned to get pregnant possibly ever again. God in His divine wisdom knew that she was the perfect fit. Happy Birthday Wren,  you are our little songbird, full of life.

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