Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back In the Swing

I had a dream years ago that I felt the Lord stir in my heart. The dream was more of a promise and even then I knew it was for the future. Not like a close your eyes and dream of a perfect time and place but more of a can't quit entertaining these ideas during the day kind of dream. Anyone that knows me well knows that I can fall head over heels for any new exciting idea like a small child and a shiny toy. Pitch me a concept that peaks my interest and within minutes I can get spun up in that web with you. But this dream just lingered, just sort of flirted and lingered and I knew it was for the future. So I stuck it in my back pocket knowing that when the time was right it would give me a nudge. A year ago that nudge started to squirm and push and so I did it. I took the leap and opened my own dance studio. I've been freelancing choreography for the last three years in the midst of everything going on, it was a little piece of 'me' time. A small corner of my week that I could focus my creativity and I have loved every minute of it. POINT Performing Arts ( opened on January 9, 2012. So, needless to say, we took a hiatus from blogging during the holidays for no other reason than being totally busy and chaotic.  Our activity with the outside world slowed a little and we spent a lot of time together with family and we spent a lot of time together getting the studio ready to open. So, I realize that I need to do some catching up on the last month or so, but I wanted you all to know the reason why. We are actually doing well. Cruz has adjusted to the school schedule nicely. Most mornings he wants to ride the bus. There have been a few mornings that he has been sleepy and hasn't wanted to leave the house. However, as soon as that big yellow bus passes the window his excitement grows. I have seen significant improvement in his vocabulary. He is trying. Even though he still isn't hitting the right sounds he is trying to make sound for everything, which is huge!!! He is trying to talk before using sign language and he is trying to put several words together. Now, normally we only get about 2 of the words that he's trying to use, but he is trying. I LOVE getting his backpack home and opening it to see what treasures he created at school. We talk about his art work and Wren and I usually clap for him and tell him how proud we are! The holidays were really great because his cousins came down and Cruz was in absolute heaven. They got to play together for several days and still to this day he asks if we'll see them every time we get in the car! 
The holidays were like a giant therapy session for both kids with lots and lots of OT! We made cookies, iced them (Wren ate them), drew pictures for Santa, made gingerbread houses, read lots of books, and had total sensory overload Christmas morning. Fortunately, both of my kids are sensory seekers so they were in heaven. I was really proud of Cruz. He handled it all really well.

I will do a year in review on the next blog but I needed to just get started again. So, here we are, back on the blog. Get ready because we are in a whole new adventure now. I feel like I am spinning a trailer for a new tv series but honestly it sometimes does feel that way. We still have our 'good' days and our 'bad' days they are just on a whole new level now. We've added a business, a nanny, a new school schedule, and there are some really exciting things on the horizon.

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