Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sprinkler

 I haven't posted anything in a while because quite honestly, I have not been feeling inspired. I have not been feeling inspired to do anything. Cooking, cleaning... I think it may be the oppressive heat. With Cruz, we seem to be taking two steps forward, one step back. When we seem to be having a good day, suddenly it changes on a dime. Then after a bad day we have a few really good days. But I did want to share this really good story. It is actually from two weeks ago but the day after was when we were down at kamp, so I had mentally moved on.  So the story goes like this... Cruz has never drawn with sidewalk chalk. Ninety percent of the time he will line them up in a row or carry a few around. I will draw things next to him and point out letters, shapes, numbers, and he comes along and lines the chalk up. I would do hand over hand and make him draw and he would let me but as soon as I finished, he was done. There just has never been an interest. Well, lately in the evenings Jason and I have been setting up and moving sprinklers around the front and backyard. On this Saturday evening, we set the box of chalk out as usual, expecting Wren to try to eat it and for Cruz to line it up. However, Cruz grabbed the chalk and began to furiously scratch lines on the driveway in an arch. Jason and I watched in amazement. He looked up at us and signed water with his hand and then pointed to the sprinkler. We were absolutely amazed! I ran inside and grabbed the camera. We cheered and clapped and he was so proud of himself. Since then anytime the chalk comes out he draws the sprinkler again and signs water. Sometimes he'll rub it on his legs and on Wren. Then he promptly begins to line them up afterwards and change directions. We have never gotten him to draw anything else, but we are very proud of the progess!

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  1. I am so glad you shared this story! And I have to say that your photography is beautiful! You should enter some of your pictures in the fair!