Friday, June 15, 2012

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In an ongoing never ending attempt to stimulate the senses and provide a rush of adrenaline, my little Mowgli (Jungle Book, for those of you that don't know-- i.e. my husband) will try just about anything. This summer alone I've already had to pull him off the top bar that the swings hang from and rescue him a few times from the chain link fence that his shorts got caught on while he attempted to jump it. The following pictures capture events that occured in less than 24 hours. 

Above, he tried to squeeze between the narrow tree limbs and below he rolled around in a tub of birdseed as he does now on a daily basis.

Not sure if anyone else has ever tried to climb a Rose of Sharon Shrub, but this kid did

He has been a handful the last few weeks... Hence the lack of posting on my part. We are planning on meeting with the Pediatric Neurologist in 2 weeks to re-evaluate our current situation. Over the last few weeks he has tried to 'escape' and run away almost every day. I have caught him naked on the loose more times than I can count.
Yesterday, I had been playing with the kids in the backyard for a couple of hours when I walked inside momentarily to use the restroom. Upon my return I found Wren playing quietly alone on the screened porch. I immediately had a dropping feeling in my stomach. I raced out the screened porch to find a wagon pulled up next to the gate. "Franklin, where's Cruz?" I asked the giant dog. He replied only by staring intently out the gate. As I looked over towards the gate I saw a t-shirt, shorts, and then a diaper. That crazy little dude stripped down naked before hopping the fence. I ran out front and looked up and down the street. Nothing, no sign, no kid, I couldn't hear anything. Wren and Frank slowly walked out behind me. Some help they were. "Frank, where's Cruz, go find him" Frank layed down on the ground and rolled over. "Wren where did Cruz go?" Nothing. She was pre-occupied with her tricycle that was still in the garage. I ran up and down the street. "CRUZ???" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Cruz say 'HERE'... CRUZ , WHERE ARE YOU?" My eyes darted back and forth. I saw a postal worker at the end of the cul-de-sac and ran towards her. "Excuse me, have you seen a little boy running around?"
"Yes,"she replied. "I think I saw one run that way".
I ran inside to grab my shoes and threw Wren into the stroller so that we could sprint around the block to find him. As we took off running towards the end of the street I heard the Postal worker yell, "Here he is, I found him!"

He had gone across the street to a neighbors, opened their gate to their backyard, gone into their back yard and was trying to climb their fence into their neighbors yard to see their dogs.

"Did you not hear mommy yelling your name?" He had no idea that he was in the wrong. I was livid. Then to make it worse, he made me chase him. For like 20 minutes. It's one thing to make me mad, it's another to make me chase you. The whole 'hide behind a car/tree/fountain/ anything to make me chase you really REALLY REALLY REALLY makes me mad. This has happened literally 5 times in the last two weeks. Needless to say we are going to order some kind of I.D. bracelet and hopefully implement some new behavioral strategies.

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