Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quick Update

We've been through the ringer the last few weeks with my schedule being fuller, no parents day out, and of course the oppressive heat. Lots of days with missed naps, late nights and early mornings. However, tonight is our much overdue long awaited family vacation. We are heading back to Taos, NM to see Jason's family and then heading up to Denver for 'Remembering The Brave' a tribute to honor fallen military and their families. While I am craving family togetherness, and desperate for the extra set of hands, I am still a little apprehensive about our 14 hour car ride, plus the 6 to Denver, plus however long it takes to get back. In anticipation for such a monumental trip, and the first of its kind for our family, Jason and I have been strategizing for weeks. Not just your average 'to do' lists with reminders for deodorant and socks. But we actually drew schematics out of the car with diagrams for how to make this puzzle fit. We even did a trial run with the kids in the car to see how everything worked. I know, we are crazy. In fact I think we told each other that a few times between laughs. Each kid has an activity pack, snack boxes, cooler, you name it. I would definitely still take some tips if anyone has any. Just to add a little excitement and lchaos, Springfield Public Schools called to start Cruz's testing. So, yesterday and today he was tested for almost two hours. After we return from our trip he has 3 more tests. Yesterday's test was speech and language. We also had an autism specialist sit in on the session to take notes. I sat in the room the entire time but tried to stay out of the testing process. At first, all of the questions seemed so advanced. I felt like he was taking ACT prep or something. Then I remembered that those are the standards questions for his age, Cruz is behind. I am just so used to Cruz's level of language and understanding that to me, it seemed very difficult. He did the best he could and she was impressed that he was able to sit and focus as long as he could. We took another tour of the facility. It is brand new, state of the art, amazing. Cruz really wanted to play in the sensory/motor room. We went into a couple of classrooms and saw the literacy room, and all purpose room. I'm not going to lie, I had a lump in my throat the whole time. Its hard to believe he is going to be starting preschool but that wasn't really why. I guess you think you get used the idea of special needs. It becomes very routine following all of the therapy programs. But every now and then you get a fresh reminder and it was a little difficult. It's obviously not what any parents would ever want for their child, but if you need the special ed preschool, this one was awesome. So, in one sense it was difficult, but in the other sense, beneficial. I want whatever is going to be the best thing for Cruz, I just don't know what that looks like yet. We are just stumbling down this rocky path together. I'm now finishing this post from our car. Technology is so amazing it blows my mind. Resolution Gear purchased an iPad for business but it will come in handy during our trip. The first hour of the trip was rough. We realized we forgot Jason's uniform and my dress... So after that quick detour, two sick kids (wren just got over her fever, cruz's fever just started), and stuffed to the brim we headed west, directly into the sunset. One hour in my hips already hurt from being twisted backwards so much. I realized I accidentally bought 2 cases of bottled water with added flouride which tastes like dirty tap water. Despite the brief pull over from the friendly state trooper (before we even got to Joplin) and Cruz crying himself to sleep, we seem to be cruising along now with both kids asleep. A bumpy start but an adventure nonetheless. Hopefully I'll be posting more throughout the week, pictures included!

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